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The MALTESER care-instrument offer for department stores, chemists and pharmacies

Sales Displays

Bestsellers: Instrument depots for perfect manicure-pedicure-cosmetics that means sales promotion with system


  • Upgrade your range of personal care products with a Malteser branded manicure-depot,
  • high-quality materials, precise workmanship, warranty and service,
  • additional turnover for your P.O.S. using little space,
  • easy and eyecatching presentation ready for sale,
  • nail scissors and manicure instruments individual packed ready for sale,
  • individual stickers on request.


The standard equipment comes in steel. Surfaces are nickel-plated. Same products can be supplied with a gold-plated surface or in stainless steel for professional use.

Recommended Instruments for Malteser-Displays

Nail Scissors and Cuticle Scissors

Malteser nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nose-scissors and baby-scissors from the Malteser sales program for pharmacies and department stores - click to enlarge
Malteser Scissors

Stock No.  - description


No. 1 - cuticle scissors, bent, 9 cm
No. 2 - nail scissors, bent, 9 cm
No. 3 - nail scissors, manicure tip bent, 9 cm
No. 4 - cuticle scissors, manicure tip, bent, 9 cm
No.66 - mens' scissors, straight, 10.5 cm
No.12 - Baby scissors, curved, 8 cm

Nailfiles, Tweezers, Manicure-Instruments

Malteser nail files, care instruments, splinter tweezers, Eyebrow Tweezer of the sales program for pharmacies and department stores - click to enlarge
Malteser Nailfiles and Tweezers

No.58 - Polishing file 4 sided
No.24 - sapphire file, fine-coarse, 13 cm
No.20 - sapphire file, fine-coarse, 11 cm
No.21 - sapphire file, fine-coarse, 16.5 cm
No.22 - Sapphire form file, fine-coarse, 16.5 cm
No.13 - stick with Gummihuf
No.14 - ear cleaner, cotton wool holder
No.15 - Blackhead remover with loop
No. 6 - splinter tweezers pointed, 8 cm
No. 9 - tweezers, slant, 8 cm, gold tip
No.10 - tweezers, narrow-bent, 8 cm
No.11 - tweezers, wide slant, 8 cm
No. 8 - tweezers, slant, 9 cm, gold-plated

Nail Nippers, Cuticle Nippers, Nail Clippers, Corn Planes

Malteser nail nippers, cuticle nippers, nail clippers and Corn plane from the sales program for pharmacies and department  stores - click to enlarge
Malteser Nippers and Clippers

No.17 - Nail nippers, manicure, 10 cm
No.18 - Cuticle nippers, manicure, 10 cm
No.16 - Nail nippers, pedicure, 11.5 cm
No. 5 - Household Scissors, 13 cm
No.19 - Corn plane in a box
No. 7 - Nail clippers with a chain, 6 cm
No.78 - tweezers cuticle nippers, pinzaX
No.22 - Blades for Corn plane, 1 pack of 10 pieces (2 packs = No. 133)


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